About Leeto la Polokwane


Introducing Leeto la Polokwane; a safe, reliable and convenient integrated public transport system for all of Polokwane’s citizens.

Welcome aboard!

Leeto la Polokwane is characterised by the following features:

Technical employees discussing the Leeto bus service

our buses

Our buses have state of the art features which include:

  1. Low floors that are level to the kerbside pavements for easy access
  2. High-tech full air conditioning, which uses less energy, making it environmentally friendly
  3. Automatic transmission as opposed to manual
  4. Universally accessible
  5. Priority seating 
  6. WiFi on-board
  7. On-board cameras

Leeto la Polokwane consists of the following elements:

Trunk Routes. These are the dedicated lanes that will only be used by the Leeto la Polokwane buses. The lanes are painted red to indicate that it is a bus only lane. Persons in private vehicles are not allowed to drive on the trunk routes.

Complementary routes / Trunk Extension routes. These are routes that provide a direct service between two nodes/major areas. These routes will operate like other bus services, where the bus uses normal lanes and operates in mix traffic. Passengers will be picked up and dropped off at the branded pavement stops.

Bus Stops / Kerb Side Stops. These are the stops that are situated on the kerbs (pavement) and are easily identified by the Leeto la Polokwane’s branded poles.

Median Stations. These are the bus stations that are specially built for the Leeto la Polokwane service and are situated in the middle of the road.

Non-Motorised Transport. Leeto la Polokwane will provide paved walkways next to the road for safe walking, running and cycling. These walkways will also be placed along the Leeto la Polokwane route to ensure safe travelling to and from the station. Learn More.

Participation of the Taxi Industry

In rolling out the Intergrated Public Transport System (IPTS) in the country, the aim of National Government is to improve the status of public transport as well as to ensure that the current public transport operators are not left worse off.

In the case of Polokwane’s IPTS, the affected Taxi Associations for Phase 1A are Seshego/Polokwane Taxi Association (SPTA), Flora Park / Polokwane Taxi Association (FPTS), and Westenburg / Polokwane Taxi Association (WPTA).

While the system will be managed by the City, these associations have formed a Vehicle Operating Company (VOC), which is a private company responsible for Leeto la Polokwane Phase 1A operation.