Leeto Travel Card

Travel easy with Leeto la Polokwane

Commuters will need to:

1) Obtain a Leeto Travel Card from pre-selected locations

2) Load enough cash for the trip, before boarding the bus.  There will be no cash handling between the drivers and the passengers to ensure that everyone is safe when using the service

Positive woman holding a Leeto Travel Card
A graphic that shows five steps for travelling on the bus serivce

All you need to know about the Leeto Travel Card

Please pay careful attention to the requirements below:

  1. Your first Leeto Travel Card is free. Load your Leeto Travel Card with cash
  2. Get your Leeto Travel Card at local selected vendors, Leeto la Polokwane kiosk and Polokwane Municipality Rates Hall
  3. Register your Leeto Travel Card with any formal identification so that you can block it if it is lost, stolen or damaged
  4. Memorise or write down your PIN and keep it safe
  5. Sign the reverse side of the Leeto Travel Card and keep it safe
  6.  Tap your Leeto Travel Card on the card validator machine when you enter the bus
  7. You can change your PIN at any selected Leeto la Polokwane kiosk
  8. The Leeto Travel Card has no expiry date and can be used multiple times
  9. You cannot use the Leeto Travel Card to withdraw money at an ATM
  10. Always ensure that you have a positive cash balance

Features and Benefits

Leeto Travel Card is a safe cashless option

  1. It is a cashless system, no handling of cash on the bus
  2. The Leeto Travel Card is re-loadable, reusable and does not expire
  3. Commuters can budget effectively as they can plan their journey in advance
  4. There are no transaction fees or interest charged on the card
Passenger using the leeto card to tap into the bus

Lost card replacement

If your card is lost or damaged (where the cause of the damage is not a factory defect), you will need to replace your card. You can get a replacement card at any of our kiosks.