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Leeto La Polokwane is an important part of the City’s Integrated Public Transport System (IPTS). It aims to provide a high-quality transport service in line with the National  Transport Act. The system will integrate different forms of public transport across the municipality. With our Leeto La Polokwane public buses, commuters will have a scheduled system, providing easy access to educational institutions, healthcare facilities, and employment centres.

Cllr. John Mpe – Executive Mayor, Polokwane

Leeto La Polokwane Phase 1 Operations

The system is going through a testing period to assist the City and Esilux to ensure that the necessary elements of the system are fully operational and functional. Download the leaftlet to learn more..

Leeto La Polokwane Benefits

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Integrates major transport modes

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Affordable public transport

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Reduces traffic congestion

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Improves access to major economic hubs

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Universally accessible

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Reduces carbon emissions

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Reduces travel time

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Reduces over-crowdedness

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Leeto La Polokwane Phase 1A

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Press Release - 24 October 2021

Update on Progress of Leeto la Polokwane Public Transport Service

The City of Polokwane continues to make major strides in the quest to provide a safe, reliable, accessible and cost-effective Public Transport System (PTS) through its flagship project, Leeto La Polokwane

The Leeto La Polokwane Phase 1A Trial Operations Ended

It is a pleasure to announce that the 3 stages of the Leeto La Polokwane Phase 1A pre-operations (capacitation and system testing) stages have been completed.