The City of Polokwane continues to make major strides in the quest to provide a safe, reliable, accessible and cost-effective Public Transport System (PTS) through its flagship project, Leeto la Polokwane. In so doing, the Municipality is prioritising the public interest and serving the majority of residents by improving efficiency and quality in this essential public service.

The Municipality is now readying itself to operationalise the project in the coming weeks, and in preparation of that we are currently conducting pre-operation testing and validation process to ensure a smooth transition to the new public transportation system for the phase 1A operations. As part of this process, a fleet of Leeto la Polokwane buses are back on the road for real-time testing to ensure that the system is up to the desired standard.

Accordingly, we will be taking our special needs passengers on a Universal Access (UA) Passenger Route tour on the 14th and 15th of September 2021 to expose them to the workings of the system and the UA features on the bus.

The National Department of Transport (NDoT) has updated the regulations regarding the fare collection method with the introduction of an Account-Based Ticketing (ABT) system, all cities implementing the Integrated Public Transport Network are required to migrate to this new system. To date Polokwane Municipality, through Leeto la Polokwane, is currently the only city that has managed to reach 70% of the integration process. This was achieved through hard work, unity, cooperation, and the support of the people of Polokwane.

While Leeto la Polokwane is finalizing the integration process, a paper ticketing system will be introduced as an interim fare collection measure and the Leeto La Polokwane bus service will migrate to the ABT system when the integration has been completed. The following Municipal offices will serve as the selling points for the Leeto paper-based tickets:

  1. Civic Centre
  2. Seshego Zone 1
  3. Seshego Zone 3

The Municipality will expand the card sales footprint for the ABT system to ensure maximum passenger convenience.

The date when Ticket sales will commence will be announced through our various communications platforms in due course. As we continue to journey together, we will keep updating our social media platforms.

This October Transport Month, Leeto la Polokwane will be celebrating yet another milestone as we start with the full Operations for Phase 1A (CBD – Seshego, CBD – Flora Park, CBD – Nirvana) on 1 October 2021.

We would like to take this opportunity to thank all Polokwane residents for their tireless support and patience during our planning period as we move into the next phase of our journey, getting the buses on the road for all to use. We know that all this was done to ensure that the citizens of Polokwane enjoy a safe and reliable public transport system.

Leeto la Polokwane – Journey with Us